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18.5.2007 - SAVE NET RADIO

Save net radio

1.1.2007 - OhNOES!! We're broken :(

Sad news everbody. While TBE is definitely still very much existing, at the moment we are physically broken. But we'll be back and better than ever once this episode of sickness and misery is over. 'till then.

30.10.2006 - Site update finished

I finally finished the site's graphics. We also have a new updating system :) Check out new pictures from the Factory gig. Thanks to all the people there.

26.10.2006 - Smökrök 2006

Rock on Baby 'cos you're saved! Smökrök 2006 brings the top of Pelmu on stage on wed 1.11.2006. Featuring also TBE. No excuse is bad enough to miss it. Event starts already at 20.00 and entrance is free.

17.8.2006 - Fall starts in Factory

30.8.2006 The Bad Excuse will perform in the small but famous Factory club in Hakaniemi with Thuomiokirkko. We've got a lot of new songs and a terrible itch to play them. Therefore the entrance will be free.

14.5.2006 - The Bad Excuse on DVD

Pelmu has published a SmökRök 2005 Band Event DVD, featuring two songs from The Bad Excuse. Check out also the article in Polyteekkari.

6.5.2006 - Super Jam in Gloria

Last sunday jam of the spring is now an extra long saturday jam. TBE will be there, performing new songs.

25.4.2006 - Blow up the Stadium

JMT street and roof top party is held again in Otaniemi 29.5. TBE spreads the rock evangelium for the top of JMT6 again. Be there or be square.

14.2.2006 - Next Gig in Ida

TBE rocks in the legendary rock restaurant Ida with Chiara and Bullet on friday 24.3.

17.1.2006 - Gloria Sunday Jam

TBE is gonna be playing in the next Gloria Sunday Jam, 5.2. Read more about Gloria Sunday Jam at

2.1.2006 - Moderator now on the web!

All the songs from Moderator demo can now be downloaded from our web site. Still got some CD's left.

2.12.2005 - launched

Our new site and domain is finally online. No more irritating banners and pop-ups.

14.11.2005 - Moderator Recorded

WE have finished recording our new demo , "Moderator". Check out "World Moderator" from noise page. CD:s will be available as soon as they are out from the digipress.

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